The Right Choice for an Fitness Equipment Expert Witness

As many fitness enthusiasts are sorely aware, there are a lot of ways to get injured while exercising.  Many of these cases stem from poorly designed, maintained, or supervised equipment, uneducated personal fitness trainers, to aggressive, or unreasonable members creating liability for fitness center and gym operators.  When an fitness equipment accident happens it is important to find a fitness equipment expert witness who understands all of the factors that contributed to an accident.  For an accident involving fitness equipment, it is important to find someone with a sound knowledge of mechanics and safety.  This will allow them to analyze the equipment involved along with the warnings and safety precautions.

How to Find the right Expert for Your Fitness Equipment Case

The right expert witness can make or break your case.  You need the right combination of experience, knowledge and communication.  When you work with Chuck Herman fitness equipment expert witness, you can be confident that he will meet all of those aspects.  He is well educated, has years of experience, and has exceptional communication skills.

You can be confident that Chuck Herman will never accept a case that he doesn’t stand behind.  He knows that it is pivotal to be confident in his findings even if it is not what someone wants to hear.  This allows Chuck Herman to convey the confidence that he has in the case.


Testify as an expert witness in legal matters relating to fitness equipment and product safety.

  • Fitness & Exercise Equipment
  • Fitness Facility Design and layout
  • Consulting Specialist In All Aspects Of Fitness: Carido Equipment, Selectorized Equipment, Free Weight Equipment, Plate Loaded Equipment, Cable Pulley equipment, accessories and flooring
  • Equipment Design, Equipment Use, Private Personal Trainers, Signage,
    Warnings etc.
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Written Reports, Opinions, Declarations
  • Examine and Test Products
  • Research Literature
  • Assist In Litigation Support
  • Testify At Mediations, Arbitration’s, Depositions & Trial
  • Physical On Site Inspections and Photo’s
  • Analysis Made From Photographs
  • Questions Prepared For Interrogatories, Depositions and Trial
  • Provide Attorney With Strengths and Weaknesses Of The Case
  • Analyze Opposing Experts Reports and Prepare Questions for Experts
  • Interviews of Subject or Witnesses
  • Provide Questions For The People Involved In The Fitness Industry Case


Chuck Herman has over 20 years in the commercial fitness industry. Graduating from The Ohio State University with a BS in Exercise Physiology and a Masters in Business Administration from Cleveland State University.

His scope of knowledge ranges from cardio equipment, selectorized weight machines, free weight, plate loaded, cable pulley operated functional trainers and multi-stations to medical/ physical therapy rehab equipment.  His skills include hands-on experience with service, maintenance, repairs, assembly, disassembly, diagnostics, refurbishment, and/or manufacturer updates, cardio and non-cardio commercial and residential fitness equipment.  In addition, Chuck Herman has been trained and certified by fitness equipment manufacturers as a certified service representative, sales representative and technical advisor.

Chuck Herman began working with exercise equipment with a local sales and service company located in Cleveland, Ohio in 1996.  He began by disassembling and reassembling exercise equipment in order to showcase, repair, refurbish and sell equipment for all sorts of commercial and residential applications throughout the state of Ohio.

Today, Chuck Herman is the owner of Specialty Fitness Equipment, a full service provider of Commercial, Medical and Residential fitness equipment distributed throughout the country.   Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Specialty Fitness Equipment is a one stop destination for all  health, wellness, exercise, and fitness equipment needs serving the Multifamily, Student Housing, Senior Living, Corporate Wellness, Recreation, Education and Public Safety industries.  Just to name a few.  Specialty Fitness Equipment has a rare business model that caters to fitness enthusiasts unique needs by caring for the entire process from design, installation and aftercare.  The attention to detail through a consultative approach is unmatched within the industry.  Specialty Fitness Equipment carries the quality you expect, manufacturers you trust and gives you the respect you deserve as will Chuck Herman Expert Fitness Equipment Witness.


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